FDA Cleared Thermographic Breast Screening

Over 800 peer-reviewed studies involving more than 300,000 women have shown thermology as increasing the possibility of early detection.

Early Detection Saves Lives

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Why Choose FirstSense Medical™?

We are the industry leaders in breast thermal imaging interpretation, with over 47 years experience and 1 million scans read.

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Pain Free

Our breast health thermology scan ensures a painless experience and absolutely no compression of your breasts

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Radiation Free

With all the concerns about radiation, you will feel safe knowing that our screening process is completely radiation free

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Peace of Mind

By allowing you to proactively take charge of your breast care health through thermology, we’ve taken the stress and anxiety out of the traditional breast screening process

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Easy to schedule appointments via phone or email. Our thermology screening takes less than 5 minutes. The entire appointment takes less than 30 minutes

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Clinical Evidence

Over 800 peer reviewed studies of over 300,000 women show Thermology helps improve chances of early breast cancer detection

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About Us

  • FirstSense Medical™ (FSM) is dedicated to saving lives by improving breast screening rates through our FDA-cleared, compression free, pain free, radiation free, state of the art breast thermology scans.
  • We own and operate the largest and most accredited thermology reference lab in the world, led by Dr. Phil Hoekstra, PhD, DABT, our Chief Science Officer and founder of our Therma-Scan Lab
  • Experienced FirstSense Medical™ technicians utilize automated, proprietary, FDA cleared medical devices to detect heat patterns and blood flow associated with breast cancer with a scan that takes less than 5 minutes to complete
  • Our screenings may be more comfortable for women who have
    • Dense or fibrocystic breasts
    • Implants
    • Breast reduction or reconstruction
    • A lumpectomy or mastectomy
    • Or are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Our goal is to ensure that every woman has access to affordable, non-invasive risk assessment

What to Expect?

  • FirstSense Medical™ is dedicated to providing the most convenient and pain-free experience for breast health screening
  • Once you arrive at our office, an experienced technician will guide you through a brief questionnaire and explain the screening process
  • The technician will prepare the FDA cleared Sentinel BreastScan II® system and position you in the exam chair
  • Once the screening begins, cool air will be blown toward your chest and our thermal camera will capture images – a process that takes under 5 minutes
  • The images will be transmitted to our lab for review and analysis and in about 5 business days you and your physician will receive your results
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“It’s very comfortable, very easy, and it only takes maybe 15 minutes out of your day, it’s completely worth it”

- Evelyn R.

”The people that work here are very knowledgeable about the science behind it. I think that’s important. The people are very willing to share that knowledge with the doctors”

- Mary Ellen S.

“I like that it’s easy, that it’s quick, again no radiation, it’s a healthy alternative when you’re looking to get preventative screenings”

- Christine B.

Clinical Evidence

Thermology has been clinically proven for early detection of the possibility of breast cancer. Over 800 peer-reviewed studies involving more than 300,000 women have shown thermology as increasing the possibility of early detection..
  • Breast cancer cells require greater metabolic support than normal tissue
  • Support is provided to cancer cells via the vascular system which results in increased blood flow to the cancer cells
  • The increased blood flow to cancerous cells results in increased heat production that can be quantitatively and qualitatively measured through Thermology
  • Studies have shown that an abnormal pattern in infrared images could identify a high-risk for breast cancer development in the future and that thermal imaging can detect physiological changes before anatomical changes can be detected by other modalities
Dr. Cynthia Brown, MD - Breast Cancer Oncologist

Contact Us

To schedule an appointment or receive more information, please fill out the contact form below or contact one of our offices to speak with a representative directly

(602) 603 - 0749

Suite #101, 6239 E. Brown Road

Mesa, AZ


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745 E Maple Rd

Birmingham, MI


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FirstSense Medical™ is the leader in breast thermology, focusing on early detection of breast cancer since 1972, analyzing more than 1 million scans to date.

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